Friday, February 5, 2010


I started a podcast with my brother, called Storyjammers. In the grand tradition of podcasting, our first episode kind of sucks, but I think we've started the upward trend of improvement even with the second episode. You can let me know if you agree on Monday when that episode drops. Even so, I think the first episode will still give you a good idea of the kind of angle we take on gaming. In our discussion of why we play, we go through GNS, Sockets, drama therapy and escapism. Our next episode talks about mechanics and what purpose they serve in the game, and the third one features my rant against games with GM's. So, if that kind of thing interests you, you might want to subscribe. I'll still post notes on how developing the Fifth World goes over here, though naturally, I might post some of that on the podcast, too.


timeLESS said...

Hey Jason, will i be able to follow this new podcast on iTunes somehow?

Will give this one a go this afternoon !



Jason Godesky said...

Yes! iTunes had some "technical difficulties" listing new podcasts last week, so it took some time to get our listing, but I just got word that it is now up.