Monday, October 26, 2009

Storyjamming @3RB

I presented "Storyjamming" at the Three Rivers Bioneers Conference last week. I ended up interacting a lot with the audience, which worked well for that presentation and the audience I had, but it doesn't work very well for online presentation. So, I recorded again at home from my notes, and made a slidecast with my slides.


Willem said...

Don't leave us hanging - what did they think? How did it go? What kind of questions did the audience ask? How far did you bring them - what do you think they walked away with?

Burning with curiosity.

timeLESS said...

Thanks for the insight and effort Jason! much appreciated i loved listening to every minute of this.

Jason Godesky said...

Oops--sorry I didn't answer sooner. I got wrapped up in ... other work, shall we say?

I didn't think anyone would really wonder how the presentation itself went, so much as the content. The whole day seemed pretty hectic. My session started late and ended late. I had a small group; people filtered in late, and some had to leave early to get to the next thing. I ended up only getting to come for my own presentation, so I missed out on the rest of the conference.

But the people who came seemed pretty enthusiastic. They got it right away, and got really excited when we started getting down into the practical details of how to make this happen. I went in with a lot of material to justify why this actually does help and does relate to ecological practice, but I ended up preaching to the converted. They wanted to get down to the practical part.

I've since gotten a number of requests to bring storyjamming to new contexts, from a UU fellowship to a summer reading program for kids (yes, you have to love the irony of that, don't you?). You can only share so much in an hour, but I think I got most of the people in that room interested in experimenting with this stuff.