Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Land of the Three Rivers

Just finished retooling the boon trees for the places in the Land of the Three Rivers. I know that doesn't make much sense with the rules currently available, but it's all part of the v0.5.1 I'm trying to get finished this week. Tomorrow, I'll do the demons (things that grow out of the Underworld, i.e., the soil), and on Thursday, I'll do the angels (things that move about in the Overworld, i.e., the atmosphere, including humans). Instead of the four main pillars of their way of life, I've made the Archangels and Archdemons the "Animal Masters," now that I think I understand them a little better. The four big spirits crucial to daily life are now the Four Winds. Not to worry, though, the Four Winds and the Eight Totems still make up the Twelve Apostles.

I'm rather liking this iteration. I have some early design guidelines for crafting boon trees, and it makes designing spirits a whole lot easier. That's really been the hardest part of this--detailing even a useful fraction of the spirits involved in the land. With this, my job gets a lot easier.

Of course, come February, I'll have a whole new task to worry about: getting enough of the Restless Land together to present at Dreamation!

If you haven't found it yet, I've been keeping much more regular updates on Twitter.

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