Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On the Schedule

Getting the obvious out of the way, Awe Kooda bilaxpak Kuuxshish of the Crow tribe, grandson of a Luo medicine man from Kenya, has become president of the United States. We finally got a shaman in the White House!

I apologize for that interruption, but I've had to deal with my condition lately. Anyway, with the public playtest now begun, the next big date looms on December 21. Then, we'll release:

  • v. 0.4.2, which will include an expanded, edited and generally smoother version of the rules already presented. I hope to revisit the Land of the Three Rivers, too, with some improvements to the oracle, spirits, blessings and curses available (see last post).

  • The wiki re-opened. I'll start adding material soon; on December 21, the new skin and functionality will all go live, including

  • The community site. Forums, blog, etc., and

  • The podcast. We'll include news, actual play, game advice, and more.


Jean-Vivien said...

Sgeno Jason !

I feel really happy for your Tribe ! Let's hope the new Shaman of the tribe can restore harmony between the Tribe and its outer surroundings ;-)

In these dark times my own Tribe (the People of the Spirit of the Grape ;-) ) could also use a shaman with a more inspired vision.

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