Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Other Systems

Yes, system matters; hence, work continues on our own system. But from the beginning, I've had ideas about introducing The Fifth World in other systems. I don't know if we'll necessarily come up with a Fifth World "Campaign Setting" for all of these systems, but I've thought about them all.

  • D&D 3.5e. The Fifth World began in the context of a discussion about the OGL, but with the version change, we'll want to at least hold off on this to see how things shape up. Same goes for D&D 4e; just how much will fourth edition keep open?

  • Savage Worlds. I've had a lot of fun with The Savage World of Solomon Kane, and Savage Worlds offers a little bit more narrativism with bennies than you normally get from, say, D&D.

  • FATE. As seen in Spirit of the Century and The Dresden Files, the favorite semi-traditional game of story gamers everywhere, I've borrowed a few concepts from FATE, myself. Would you believe our relationships began from some ideas of FATE's Aspects? And as I commented before, animism demands a fractal.

  • CORE. I've listened to The Dragon's Landing Inn longer than just about any other gaming podcast, so I feel a bit of podcast loyalty here.

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